Taylor Swift's Blank Space sung from the perspective of the Language Acquisition Device (LAD)


On moving on
What if [something else]
Wistful counterfactuals
You will never know

Many homes
There is love where I am
Tears toh kudina smiles
Leaving, arriving

On not acting
I like agency
When the ball's not in my court
its hard to let go

Syllable overflow
With uncompressed thoughts
You will run out of syllables
I guess I'll just stop n...

Task overflow
A glance at the clock
Wave of things not done builds up
Breathe and pause through it

Neutral jing
You don't have to act
To observe can be enough
As it passes through

Spring forward
Breathing in spring air
Pretty skies, a gentle breeze
Calmness radiates

Weak prior knowledge
Can make concepts hard to grasp
Ughhh steep learning curve