Resources for a hands-on workshop introducing experimental design and cognitive neuroscience to 8th graders

I ran a workshop on scientific thinking and experimental design for 8th graders in Oakridge International School in Bengaluru, India. The objectives of the workshop were to:
  1. Introduce core concepts of experimental design like hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, controls, confounds, theory, importance of sample size, statistical significance etc.
  2. A very basic introduction to neuroscience and the theory behind EEG/ ERP technology
  3. An introduction to thinking about cognition as mental processes that can be studied through observable behaviour

This workshop was designed such that we spent two long sessions with the theory and experimental design and then collected EEG data over a couple more sessions. However this can be tweaked for longer/ more spread out sessions and/or non EEG experiments.

Here are the lesson plans , homework assignments/ worksheets and the slides from the final wrap-up

Here is the experiment we used. It is built using OpenSesame